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It’s finally spring and there is nothing better than leaving the worries and woes of the day at home and blowing off a little steam outside. Whether you are mountain bike enthusiast or motorcycle veteran, The Ozarks is your paradise.


We know you’ve heard of the Pig Trail, it’s popular among the biking community, but have you visited Eureka Springs situated on top of the Pig Trail? A quirky stop on your fast getaway you won’t want to miss. You can even swing by Harley Davidson and talk to some locals about their favorite, lesser-known routes. The 142-miles of the Hwy-103 Ride can be found here, but just to name a few highlights: go through Roaring River State Park, Dogwood Canyon down on Hwy 311 through Green Forest, down through Alabama and up Hwy 23 through Eureka Springs.

Check out a variety of rides, events, and rallies happening. Did you know there is a biker-friendly lodging and discounts in Eureka? Click here for more info.

Mountain Bikes:

If you are just picking up biking as a hobby or you’ve spent your fair share of time on the trails, there is a trail for everyone. Maybe start on the smooth, paved 36-mile primarily off-road Razorback Regional Greenway that stretches from the Bella Vista Trail in north Bentonville to Fayetteville. Work up to a more rugged trail near the Buffalo River in the Ozark Mountains. 40-miles of remote, untouched scenery will more than justify the physical demands of this ride.

Near Eureka Springs, you will find trails of varying difficulty throughout Lake Leatherwood. If it’s a ride around town you are after, check out the map of downtown Eureka Springs. You can stop and admire the natural springs while cruising along and then head to trails near Black Bass Lake.

Check out the numerous trails throughout Hobbs State Park, Bentonville, or Pea Ridge Military Park. Search trails here.

Now that you’ve been inspired, grab your bike and take advantage of the gloriously windy and hilly ride that is Northwest Arkansas.

Eureka Springs – On Top of the Pig Trail

It is time to ride on one of the best in the nation

The Pig Trail runs from Ozark, AR at I40 up route 23N to Eureka Springs.

This ride is 80 miles long and begins in the unique town of Ozark, Ar and ends at the top in Arkansas top tourist attraction – Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  The ride features caverns, Withrow Springs state park along with the Mulberry river and the many twist and turns one would expect with a great ride in the forest.  One of the many perks of this ride in the geographical diversity.

Plan to Stay the night in a Eureka Springs hotel , a motorcycle-friendly town, which sits just on top of the trail. You will love the care-free environment and the quirky locals you will meet. There are always events going on and with special biker rates offered on lodging, you may find you simply need to stay a night or two. Hang out for a game of pool and enjoy a few drinks.

If you find the Pig Trail has simply inspired you, check out these other rides around the Ozarks. Nature here is incomparable and the people are open and friendly. Stop in at the local Harley-Davidson on the Pig Trail to hear more about the rides this area offers.

Ozark Mountain – Lesser Known Roads

Ride the Buffalo River Region

Fall is officially here and the leaves are rapidly changing. Here in a few weeks will mark the most vibrant viewing time of the fall foliage. Even though Bikes, Blues and Barbecue may be over, it is only the beginning of many beautiful fall rides. You’ve heard of the Pig Trail…it is a nationally acclaimed journey on the Ark. 23 byway…but what about Highway 43 and 16?

highway 16 Arkansas

While there are a few segments to Highway 43, the portion that begins at Highway 21 in Boxley and ends at AR 7 in Harrison is particularly noteworthy. This drive runs north near the Buffalo River. Keep a look out for herds of elk that like to gather near the roads in the morning or near dusk. Read more about elk in Arkansas.

Highway 16 on the other hands begins at US 412 in Siloam Springs and runs south through the Ozark National Forest. Through the forest into Fayetteville and out, 16 meets AR 74 near Elkins. This drive winds nicely allowing for beautiful views on both sides of the road. Take some time to visit the chill, college town that is Fayetteville.  

You’ll find once you hit the road and are headed to northwest arkansas that it is hard to turn around. The views only grow more spectacular and a new vista awaits you around every corner. You never know when you will get a glimpse of a beautiful overlook or a peak of a sunbathed valley.

Looking for a fun destination to spend the night in between rides? Check out The Halloween City, Eureka Springs, AR…they have all the Halloween spirit you are looking for.

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Most Popular Spring Ride

It is spring, the sun is out more often than not and it is time to plan your ride on one of the best in the nation—Pig Trail!

The warmer weather is here and bringing the beautiful foliage with it. This ride is 19 miles long and features caverns, Withrow Springs state park along with the Mulberry river. One of the many perks of this ride in the geographical diversity.

On your way, check out Eureka Springs, a motorcycle-friendly town, which sits just on top of the trail. You will love the care-free environment and the quirky locals you will meet. There are always events going on and with special biker rates offered on lodging, you may find you simply need to stay a night or two. Hang out for a game of pool and enjoy a few drinks.

If you find the Pig Trail has simply inspired you, check out these other rides around the Ozarks. Nature here is incomparable and the people are open and friendly. Stop in at the local Harley-Davidson on the Pig Trail to hear more about the rides this area offers.

Winter Ride Through the Ozarks

There is something about the crisp winter air that sharpens the senses. Blue skies seem wider and brighter. Morning frosts make objects sparkle brighter as they catch the light. The sun captures the sharpened moments and reflects them in a vivid array of colors.

At least that’s how winter days unfold in Northwest Arkansas. It’s the natural, unfiltered, beauty that brings so many out to explore.

Check out weather conditions before your next ride.

A 167-mile loop of back roads from Eureka Springs to Harrison will leave your senses overwhelmed. With plenty of twists and turns and quirky stops along the way, you will be surprised all the way there and back. The changing elevations, the bends, and the quickly shifting scenery will engage your whole being.

The Route:

Start out in Eureka Springs and take 302 to 221. Check out the Saunders Gun Museum in Berryville before continuing on to 21and then down winding 311 to Harrison. From Harrison, 43 will take you to the breath-taking Boxley Valley (see if you spot any Elk or ). From Boxley, you will take 21 to 74 and finally hop on 23 to complete the loop back to Eureka.

Whether you are traveling with a group, getting away with a friend, or simply taking some time to yourself, a winter ride through the Ozarks will wake you up and reignite your love for the ride.

Why not make it a weekend adventure and spend a night in Eureka Springs. With covered motorcycle parking, you can rest assured your prized possession will be safe while you enjoy a nice cold beer and catch the game at any of the local’s favorite bars.

Stop by the all-new Harley-Davidson in Eureka Springs off of Hwy 62E.

8 Thrilling Motorcycle Ride Loops Await

“Bikes, Blues & Bar-B-Q” 2016

Just in time for the more than 400,000 riders coming to the 2016 version of Northwest Arkansas’ highly-popular “Bikes, Blues & BBQ” motorcycle rally, September 21-24 comes three new “loop” rides that bikers will love to lean into!  Starting and ending in Eureka Springs, which is only 45 minutes east of Fayetteville, are the three new loops: Peel Ferry, Arkansas Dragon’s Tail, and War Eagle Mill.   These have been added to the much-ridden “Big 5” of Eureka Springs: Goldwing/Highway 21; Beaver Town Bridge; Jasper; Highway 103; and the number one motorcycle ride in America, The Pig Trail.  Each offers outstanding curves, switchbacks, hairpins, scenery and panoramas.  And each of these loops is a day’s ride or less.

The Peel Ferry loop takes riders north into Missouri; east through highways carved out of limestone peel ferry rideand into world-famous Branson; then further east and south into Arkansas.  There, along the banks of Bull Shoals Lake, bikes will board Peel Ferry that runs during daylight hours the year-round and is the only existing ferry that plies any Arkansas river or lake.  Serpentine highways wind past Bull Shoals southward to U.S. Highways 412 and 62 leading riders back to Eureka Springs.  This ride is approximately a 200 mile / 5 hour sojourn.

The Arkansas Dragon’s Tail loop takes riders south and east of Eureka Springs through the hills-n-hollers shared with such topographic notables as the Buffalo River National Park, America’s only river ever designated as a national park, and the “Arkansas Grand Canyon”.  At the bottom of the dragons-tailloop is the little historical community of Lurton that sits along the old wagon trail that was known as the Chisum (sic) Turnpike.  On either side coming down or going back up toward Eureka Springs, riders will be “passin’ thru” Western Grove; Mt. Judea (pronounced “Judy”); Ponca and its herds of grazing elk; and Howe Hollow valley.  Total round trip is 177 miles or approximately four hours of travel time.

The third “new” loop is called The War Eagle Mill and war-eagle-milltimes out at one hour and 16 minutes with 54 miles being logged to and fro Eureka Springs.  “What makes this short loop so awesome,” said one rider, “is that it leaves plenty of time to eat, shop or just relax in the rustic charm of the mill itself.”  War Eagle Mill is one of America’s last operating undershot, burrstone gristmills that sits over War Eagle Creek.  Here riders can watch product being made, taste some that has been baked up in the mill’s Bean Palace restaurant, take plenty of product home or have it shipped.  The loop also takes riders in, around and through Hobbs State Park and Conservation Area, 12 thousand acres of pristine Arkansas woodlands.

The Goldwing/Highway 21 loop encourages riders to leave Eureka Springs early to see the sunrise goldwingover amazing vistas like the Bluebird Hill Overlook.  As this loop continues along its 269-mile and six-hour route, it takes riders through the Buffalo River National Park and a chance to watch grazing elk near Boxley and Lost Valley.  An eagle could be spotted overhead as riders near Kingston and the “Arkansas Grand Canyon”.

Curvy roads and historic bridges carry riders over the White River and Beaver Lake on the Beaver Town Bridge loop beaver-townwith great views of the water.  Riders have perhaps a once in a lifetime experience as they encounter one of the true treasures of the Southern road.  The historic Beaver Bridge, best known as the “Little Golden Gate of Arkansas”, was built in 1949, is 554 feet long but only 11 feet wide thereby only allowing one way at a time traffic.  This is quite a large return for a ride that is only 26 miles and 44 minutes.

The Jasper loop is another route that takes riders through the Buffalo River National Park and jasper-rideacross the 1930’s iron truss Pruitt Bridge.  Two stops during the 150-mile/four-hour ride could be the Elk Education Center in Ponca and the Ozark Café on the town square in Jasper.

Riders are in store for a potpourri of wildlife opportunities on the Highway 103 loop.  Big cats, up close and personal, at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, and a trout hatchery and fishing stream at Roaring River State Park, just over the line in Missouri.  All of this with the added dividend of Ozark scenery is part of the 142 miles and 4 hours invested.

But the cherry on top of the Eureka Springs’ loops’ sundae is the internationally famous Pig Trailpig-trailThis ride is as challenging as it is scenic.  Switchback after switchback between hairpin turns makes this ride a “must do” event when riding in Northwest Arkansas.  The Designated Scenic Highway portion of Arkansas Highway 23 is truly breathtaking.  Stops in Withrow State Park and alongside the Mulberry River allow riders to catch their breath and relax in beautiful, natural surroundings.  Many riders say that this loop is the best seven hours and 280 miles of their riding lives.

For more information about all eight of these loops designed for motorcyclists, one should go to EurekaSpringsMotorcycleRides.com.

Outdoor Festivals and Events

Dozens of festivals and events take place in Eureka Springs during the summer. Yards & Yards of yards and yards of yard sales eureka springsYard Sales, Bluegrass Festival, Multisport and cycling events, food and film festivals and more. No matter when you decide to visit, you are promised to be entertained. Weekends are usually packed so consider visiting Eureka Springs through the week if you prefer a little more room to play and want to save some money on the best places to stay in Eureka Springs. Don’t worry…you won’t miss out by visiting through the week. Eureka Springs is OPEN everyday during the summer!