Buffalo National River

eureka springs motorcycle rides buffalo national river

Photo by Tim Ernst.

Located on Goldwing and Jasper.

The Buffalo National River was named America’s First National River in 1972. One of the few remaining undammed rivers in the nation, it flows freely for 135 miles through the painted bluffs of the Ozark Mountains. A place loved by many including Dr. Neil Compton who was instrumental in saving the river and Thomas Hart Benton, famous for his paintings of American rural landscapes, small towns and everyday people.

Ride through Boxley Valley. Hear Elk bugle in the fields of historic Boxley Valley on Highway 43. Eastern Elk were native to Arkansas prior to the 1800’s. In 1981, elk were reintroduced into the Buffalo River area and today more than 400 elk make their home in the Boxley Valley. A visit to the Elk Education Center offers educational and interpretive programs about elk, black bear and other wildlife near the Buffalo River.

Ride to Lost Valley. One of the most popular sites along the Buffalo National River, Lost Valley is a magical trail that leads to several waterfalls. Eden Falls is a level, one mile hike along Clark Creek through stands of American beech and towering cliffs. The last half mile of the trail makes a steep climb to the mouth of a cave. With a flashlight, a tight 200 foot trek leads to a 35 foot waterfall inside the cave. Located on Highway 43.

Don’t miss Tyler Bend. Tyler Bend is the main visitors center for the Buffalo National River. Located on Highway 65. .

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