Inspiration on the Arkansas Art Trail

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Photo by Edward C. Robison III.

With attention to the Northwest Arkansas region on a high mark with the opening of the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and the Sesquicentennial Celebration of the Civil War, tourism leaders in the region have come together in the development of The Arkansas Art Trail.  “A large group of new visitors to the area will be drawn to Bentonville for the opening of the museum; however these same touring vacationers will also want to know what else is available in the region.  The Arkansas Art Trail will provide those answers” stated Rachael Moyer, CEO of Historica Consulting and the driving interest behind the concept.

“The Arkansas Art Trail is a project to map sites in the Natural State where nature inspires art.”  Modeled much in part to the Thomas Cole Art Trail in the Hudson Valley, will feature Breathtaking vistas, mountain views, nationally significant sites, and natural settings are complimented by architectural features and made meaningful by local heritage and cultural sites. includes ten stops that include such well known destinations as Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art or Downtown Eureka Springs but also guides you lesser known but nationally significant points of interest such as Boxley Valley or Inspiration Point.  The website provides resources to guide you on your actual or virtual journey along the Trail encouraging touring vacationers to wear comfortable shoes open your eyes and prepare to be inspired.

Realistically, viewing the Arkansas Art Trail in its entirety can take 3-7 days depending upon how long you choose to linger at each site or how many side trips you take. The trail has been organized into 3 legs that take an average of one day to complete. Side trips have been noted that include additional features you may find inspiring.  Samples of each leg are provided on the website with breathtaking photography provided by Edward Robison III.

Throughout the year, events relating to the Trail including guest speakers, gallery strolls, open studio tours and guided walks are held and will be promoted by with active blogs and social media as a vital component of the effort.

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